“I have known Mark nearly twenty years. He is a "no nonsense" and aggressive litigator. He also is a practical fellow who
constantly works to find solutions to client problems. Mark is definitely one of the best labor and employment attorneys of
this generation.”-
Greg R.

“Mark is one of the most well-prepared, thoughtful attorneys I have the pleasure to know. Understands both the issues
and the motivations of the parties on both sides of a case. A strong person to have on your side.”
- John Q.

“Mark is one of the smartest people I know and an excellent litigator. He is extremely skilled at assessing the strengths
and weaknesses of his client's and his opponent's cases and exploiting the other side's weaknesses, in an efficient manner
and to reach a great result. If I had an employment law case in New Jersey, I would hire Mark in a heartbeat.”
- Andrew S.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark when we were both attorneys at Epstein, Becker and Green, and most recently at
Eisai. Mark is an excellent litigator. In addition to his skill at developing and executing litigation strategy, Mark always
had an excellent command of the facts of each of his cases. He could recall with ease virtually every factoid or nuance
offered by a particular witness or document. This ability is so important in litigation, where the facts are critical to
effective depositions, motion practice, and the ultimate outcome. More importantly, it shows how much Mark always cared
about each of his cases--he would always take the time to obtain a thorough grasp of each of them. Mark is also an
extremely talented brief-writer. He crafts arguments logically, succinctly and persuasively. One of the things I liked most
about working with Mark was that he always had creative ideas and solutions about how to approach any given challenge.
You never left his office without a fresh understanding of an issue. I highly recommend Mark Lurie.”
 - Noel K.

“Mark is an excellent attorney and advisor with superb client relationship skills. He retained me to conduct an
investigation of a very sensitive issue involving his client's senior management. Mark carefully worked to minimize the
internal fallout without compromising the integrity of the investigation or diluting the results. Upon conclusion of the
investigation, Mark helped his client translate the findings into tangible improvement actions.”-
Randall B.

“I worked with Mark for over four years and found him to be not only a skilled litigator, but also one of the smartest
attorneys with whom I have had the pleasure to work. Mark possesses a keen focus that goes beyond the description
"detail oriented." It is my privilege to call Mark a former colleague and friend.”
- Peter V.

“I have known Mark as an adversary for years. He has always been a consummate professional and very knowledgeable in
his field. Mark is an outstanding attorney.”
- Gerald R.

“Mark is skillful litigator. I had the opportunity to read deposition transcripts where Mark questioned both fact and expert
witnesses. I can honestly say they are some of the best examples of how to logically and strategically interrogate a witness.
I have saved some of those transcripts to prepare for my own depositions as well as to provide guidance to junior attorneys.
In addition, he is an excellent legal writer; his writings are always concise and effectively communicate (and advocate for)
the legal principles at issue. I highly recommend Mark.”
- Chris F.

“Mark is an intelligent, skilled attorney. Both his counseling and litigation skills are superior. I was lucky to have worked
with Mark because it enabled me to learn from him and allowed me to become a better attorney. I honestly believe Mark's
skills and intelligence would be an asset to any employer or client.”
- Donald B.

“Mark is an extremely bright and talented litigator. Mark is very effective at finding unique and creative ways to get you
the best result, for the best price.”
- Joseph O.

“I have had the pleasure to work alongside Mark while in the Medical Affairs group at Eisai Pharmaceuticals. At all times,
I have found Mark to be extremely professional and able to effectively educate employees on the nuances of compliance
issues. In every instance I have observed, Mark has accomplished this with a sense of humor and a demeanor that makes
employees feel at ease. He is quick to respond to inquiries and brings a thoughtfulness and incisive mind to the solution of
novel problems.”
-  Dixon W.

“Mark is a very professional and knowledgeable individual, who not only has a depth of understanding of the domain of
compliance, but is also able to effectively manage challenging situations. I worked with Mark in the capacity of an outside
vendor tasked with developing an aggregate spend system for Eisai, for Mark's department. Mark was the final arbiter of
the many difficult business decisions that went into the custom aggregate spend solution. Equally as important to the
project as Mark's compliance acumen, was his willingness to be the arbiter of reason between the many involved parties. It
is to Mark's and his team's credit that the aggregate spend project succeeded.”
- Dean R

“Mark Lurie has an impressive knowledge of the Pharmaceutical industry.  In addition, Mark is a great mentor and his
wealth of knowledge of the industry as well as his understanding of compliance risks was a key asset for the organization.”

Derek R.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mark. He was always available to the field sales force and sales management to offer
advice on matters of compliance. Mark is a true partner who has the ability to navigate and clarify complex issues. As a
Sales Director I relied on Mark to help me keep my people focused on the business while maintaining the highest
professional standards. I would welcome the chance to work with Mark in the future.”
- Ed B.

“Mark is someone I enjoyed working with who demonstrated a clear understanding of compliance issues in the
pharmaceutical industry. He was easy to approach regarding compliance matters. He communicated in a way that everyone
understood and did so with professionalism. I enjoyed my professional association with Mark.”
- Amy T.

“Mark is a very professional individual with the highest ethics and standards for both himself and the company. Mark was
a great person to work with and had a knack for explaining complex legal policies in an easy to understand manner. Mark
would be an excellent addition to any team.”
-  Steve P.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark when Eisai purchased MGI Pharma, Inc. Mark created a compliance reporting
system/function that was light years ahead of others in our industry. Mark built and led an extremely impressive team and
would be a tremendous asset to any organization. I highly recommend him and would welcome the opportunity to work
with him again.”
-Renee J.

“Mark is an accomplished compliance officer who successfully built and managed the Compliance group at Eisai. I admire
Mark for his knowledge, his professionalism and his impeccable work ethic. I think Mark will be a valuable asset to any
employer and will bring to the organization breadth of experience, diligence and knowledge. Mark is also a great teacher
and mentor. He is very approachable and he is someone who is very easy to talk to.”
- Petya K.

“Mark created and grew Eisai's compliance program from the ground level. As Chief Compliance Officer, Mark worked
very closely with the business in a collaborative relationship which was instrumental in driving cutting edge compliance
initiatives. Mark created a work environment that was both productive and educational.”
-  Kim H.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark for many years. He has always been responsive and straightforward when
helping the Meeting Planning Department decide on how to proceed with various Health Care Provider compliance issues.
He has also always taken the time to explain and teach the reasoning behind various rulings.”
-Sharon D.

“I had the pleasure to work with Mark during my two years at Eisai. During that time, Mark manifested the highest
ethical standards, and consistently embodied values such as integrity and professionalism. He proved to be an outstanding
leader in the organization, and ran an effective Compliance function. I always found him to be direct, principled, and fair,
and to take an evidenced-based, business-centric approach to the difficult situations his function naturally manages on
behalf of the company. Mark is a credit to any organization with the good sense to hire and retain him.”
- Dean G

“I enjoyed working with Mark for two years at Eisai. He demonstrated absolute professionalism and a desire to collaborate
as we worked to integrate our mature oncology business into Eisai. Mark has achieved the perfect balance between
representing the compliance needs of an organization and serving as a guide and consultant to the sales and marketing
-Diana B.

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mark for over 7 years now. His understanding of pharma compliance issues were
instrumental for insuring the work that Medical Affairs did functioned in a fully compliant manner. Mark is a consummate
professional who listens, understands the issues, and provides clear guidance. I have enjoyed working with Mark.”
- John I.

“Mark was always aware of the latest requirements and trends for building an effective compliance program. He is a strong
manager and well respected by his superiors, his peers and his subordinates. Mark's ethics are of the highest standard and
he would not be swayed in his decisions by what was easy or popular, but always listened to differing views.”
 - Scott W.

“Mark is an experienced professional with a deep understanding of the compliance issues facing the pharmaceutical
industry. He has the ability to present information so that lay people can understand and internalize. Mark's nature is
approachable and collegial - a pleasure to work with.”
-  Lyn O.

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